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Biking in Santa Monica and the Malibu Canyons is some of the most spectacular biking on Earth. We are so fortunate to live in a place that offers a plethora of stunning and breathtaking canyons. We offer rides for both beginners and more competitive athletes. We encourage everyone to come out and join us on the weekends for fun, challenging, and amazingly beautiful local rides.

Please see the CALENDAR for weekly ride details, as locations and times change occasionally. All TriFit Multisport members will receive weekly updates via email.

TRIFIT Saturday am Intermediate-Advanced Ride, 7:30am

*Please see the CALENDAR for the most up-to-date Saturday ride locations. Members will receive one email weekly with any location changes and specifics about the routes and total mileage. Please note that locations and time change occasionally, all members will receive weekly updates via email.

Saturdays 7:30 am.  This intermediate ride will meet at Peets on 14th & Montana, this ride will be led by Garrett Follmuth, Cat 2 Cyclist and Ironman Competitor.  This is an intermediate ride that will be approximately 45 miles weekly with a predetermined route weekly.  This is not a beginner ride; you should feel comfortable riding in a pack and on PCH before joining this ride.  The goal of the ride is to stay at a good tempo pace, we will stop once and re-group.  We plan to climb on these rides so please be prepared with hydration, extra tubes, etc.   This ride will meet every Saturday EXCEPT the first Saturday of the month which will meet at Helen’s Cycles.

The FIRST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH TriFit will ride with Helens Cycles located at 26th and Broadway.   The ride rolls out at 7:45 am, this is a no drop ride intermediate level ride which averages 40 miles. Please be comfortable riding in a pack and on PCH before doing this ride.

This ride is free and open to the public.

Sunday am Beginners Cycling 8:00 am

Helen’s Cycles 8:00 am

This is for newer riders that want to work on clipping in and out, how to pass, signal, start, stop, ride in a group and start to climb. This will progress into a ride that climbs the local hills such as Mandeville and Amalfi Canyons.  Approximate ride time is 2 hours.

This ride is free and open to the public

Wednesday am LaGrange Ride, 6:30am

The Mandeville moderate ride with LaGrange begins with a short warm-up around the Brentwood Country Club. After taking a right to get back on San Vicente, the group then heads north on Burlingame, across Sunset Boulevard and down to Mandeville Canyon. The initial pitch of Mandeville is reasonable, maybe 2%, but the pace is usually fast (18-20 mph). After the first mile-1/2, the road rises slightly, to about 4%, to the “white fence” which signals the approximate halfway mark of the climb. The grade is fairly steady until about the final mile when it grades up to about 6% and finishes up a [painful] 10%, 200-meter wall to the top. Depending on your effort level up the climb, you may have to concentrate on holding down your breakfast as the ride regroups and recovers for several minutes. Slower riders can catch the ride on its return down the canyon. Ride is approximately 20 miles.

Friday am LaGrange Ride, 6:30am

This EASY/recovery “Marina Lite” ride with LaGrange Cycling Club is unlike the other weekday LaGrange rides; this ride skips the warm-up lap around the Brentwood Country Club and heads immediately down San Vicente towards Ocean Avenue. Beverages at Peet’s Coffee in Brentwood (San Vicente and Gorham) afterward.
*This is a great ride for new riders! Get to know the route and meet some great people.
Alert: This ride travels through several high-traffic areas, most notably on the return up Ocean Avenue, which has a thin shoulder and lots of motorists fueled on caffeine, yammering on cell phones and many times late for work. Keep your eyes open for open car doors and head up for fast red lights! Ride is approximately 26 miles.