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All challenges are open to both members and non-members. Prizes will be awarded in multiple categories based on participation, effort, and performance. All fitness levels encouraged to participate.

Sign-ups are now open!

To sign up please send an email to beau@trifitla.com

Fall Fitness Challenge

Category 01

24 Class

Attend 24 classes over the course of 6 weeks. 


TRIFIT Branded Bag & Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Category 02

Attend All
Trifit Classes

Attend every class/workout on the weekly schedule at least once (32 total), including coached outdoor run and ocean swim/beach run.


1st to Finish: $100 Gift Card

2nd to Finish: $75 Gift Card

3rd to Finish: $50 Gift Card

All finishers receive a TRIFIT bag, water bottle and $25 gift card towards services or merchandise.

Category 03

Most In-Person

Attend the most TRIFIT classes / workouts in-person.


$200 gift card towards TRIFIT services or merchandise.

MyZone Belt Challenge

For you workout warriors out there looking to kick it up a notch, see how your performance stacks up against the competition in our Super Challenge!

Please note a MyZone belt will be required to track performance.

*Must attend a minimum of 20 classes in-person to be in the running for Super Challenge prizes

MyZone Category 01

Most MyZone
Effort Points (MEPs)

MyZone effort points are earned based on heart rate and level of exertion. Maximize your MEPs by combining your own workouts with TRIFIT classes.


$200 gift card towards TRIFIT services or merchandise.

MyZone Category 02

Most Red Zone

Earn Red zone points with high-intensity training.


$150 gift card towards TRIFIT services or merchandise.

MyZone Category 03

Most Blue Zone

Earn Blue zone points with long, low-intensity cardio training.


$100 gift card towards TRIFIT services or merchandise.

What is MyZone?

With your MyZone heart rate monitor, your performance stats are displayed in real time on your phone, allowing you to monitor your efforts during classes or while training on your own. You can also stay connected with friends, classmates, and TRIFIT trainers through the MyZone app. Your Rate of Perceived Effort (RPE) is categorized into 5 colored zones base on the different levels of effort you are putting into your workout, awarding MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) for each zone. The harder you push and the more effort you exert, the more points you accrue!

Check out the video below
for more info about MyZone

You can order your MZ-3 MyZone belt using the link below.
$69.99 limited time TRIFIT offer (save $80).