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Early in 2011, when Riot Games HQ moved into the Colorado Center, a unique and unlikely relationship between gamers and fitness fanatics was forged. TriFit never could have predicted the type of engagement that would ensue over the next four years between gamers and TriFit. As the minions populated the campus, they became more engaged in exercise and better nutrition, and suddenly a changing narrative began. “I feel better at work.” “I sleep better.” and of course “I game better”.

Our mission has always been to help our members achieve excellence in sport and in life. We never imagined, however, that we could influence the future of sports. Like other athletes, professional gamers train with the same principles and high levels of discipline. With the application of scientific studies, implementation of structured nutrition, physical training, sleep, mindfulness, and dietary supplementation, gamers can achieve peak performance, just like any other athlete.

The following services are offered to members of the eSports community:

Massage Therapy

calms the nervous system and decreases the stress hormone, cortisol, in turn increasing oxytocin levels (a powerful hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain.) It also helps prevent repetitive use injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and postural imbalances.

Nutrition Consulting

provides individualized daily meal plans and specific game day plans for optimized performance. Safe supplementation improves overall health and gaming performance according to the needs, observed deficiencies, and baseline health of each individual.

Sleep/Fatigue Tracking

captures sleep activity data which can be analyzed to identify individualized modifications needed to improve cognitive output, concentration, and reaction time. Daily sleep is monitored to determine optimal cognitive effectiveness during the day.

Meditation & Yoga

Meditation increases activity in the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for slowing the heart rate and breathing under stress, helping the gamer stay calm and focused in high pressure situations.Yoga improves overall strength and flexibility while stabilizing the core, promoting proper alignment and posture, which allows for much needed relief after sitting for extended periods of time.

Behavioral Health

training allows for the implementation of certain strategies in training and competition to bring athletes in that elusive state of “flow” where they surpass conscious thought and all of the elements of peak performance come together–concentration, physicality focus, calm, discipline, and unwavering confidence.

Ergonomic Training

protects athletes from injury by proactively implementing an ergonomics improvement process. By promoting athlete health through reinforced and ongoing training, this process advances athlete wellbeing by alleviating pain, increasing comfort, and improving overall performance.

Strength and Cardiovascular

conditioning alleviates lower back pain and poor posture while improving everyday functionality. Gamers will experience increased blood flow to certain areas of the brain to improve immediate and delayed memory, mobility, and neurological characteristics.

Annual Training Plans

are used as roadmaps for athletes to track development and success while avoiding unnecessary fatigue. A successful plan will give gamers and management a common purpose to build confidence and improve overall performance while building in pockets of rest to avoid illness, physiological, and psychological burnout.