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Run Gait Analysis

Using POSE technique™, our coaches will videotape, analyze, and guide you to better biomechanics to enhance efficiency. Using a series of progressive and specific drills and exercises, you will improve running economy while staying injury free.

TriFit - Run Gait Analysis

Swim Stroke Analysis

Using both our underwater and overhead cameras to videotape and analyze your swim stroke, our coaches will break down the various phases of your swim stroke and work on perfecting biomechanics and enhancing swim efficiency. A series of guided progressive drills and exercises will be implemented during the session.

Bike Fit

Enhance comfort, optimize overall efficiency, and minimize risk of injury with a properly adjusted bike. Proper positioning can ensure maximum comfort, while enhancing aerodynamics, power/watts, and overall performance.

Race Programming

Customized program packages are available for individuals as well as groups preparing to compete in cycling, triathlon, and run races. Package options include: comprehensive weekly training plans with scheduled mileage, individualized heart rate training zones, nutrition and fueling plans, and coached (group and individual) workout sessions.

Altitude Simulation

Boost energy levels for sports performance, with our state-of-the-art altitude simulation from Hypoxico. This safe and drug-free system delivers high altitude (hypoxic) and sea level (normal) air alternately via a mask, inducing beneficial adaptation for athletes training for races in altitude.

TriFit - Altitude Simulation