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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that worksites with physical activity programs reduced healthcare costs by 20-55% and short-term sick leave by 6-32% with increased productivity.

A significant part of each employee’s day is spent at work which is why TriFit has built fun, engaging, culturally-sensitive, and convenient wellness programing for today’s modern workforce. A healthy company is a happy, more productive company.

Workplace Wellness offerings:

Meditation & Yoga

to facilitate stress management, improve overall wellness, and stimulate activity in the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for slowing the heart rate and breathing under stress. Yoga helps employees control their breathing, increase overall flexibility, lengthen and tone, and mentally rejuvenate. Classes are tailored for all levels and can be taught in TriFit’s yoga studio or onsite at your company for convenience.

Massage Therapy

relieves mental stress and prevents repetitive use injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and postural imbalances. It also improves immune response and increases overall mental alertness. Our therapists are available for chair and table massage onsite at your company or at TriFit, with the option to offer a company subsidy and hassle-free online booking for employees convenience.

Lunch & Learns

are 60-minute lectures designed to give your employees the resources they need to live a healthier lifestyle and more energetic and focused in the workplace. Our modern lifestyle involves a lot of sitting, extended work hours, inactivity, and poor nutrition. TriFit’s Registered Dietitian draws from a diverse background to offer nutritional advice that is convenient without taking the fun out of food.

Biometrics- Body

Fat, Glucose, and Blood Pressure Testing are conducted by Registered Dietitian, Jeff Rothschild (MS, RD, CSCS, USAW) as a means to provide baseline data to individuals looking for tailored exercise and nutrition plans. Data shows that incentive-based programs rooted in baseline data such as biometrics and health assessments tend to result in higher employee engagement and retention.

Sports Tournaments

offer a fun, competitive environment for employees while increasing team-building, inter-office competition, camaraderie, and office morale. Organized leagues and tournaments for recreational sports include: tennis, basketball, and ping pong. TriFit provides coaches and referees and can, at the discretion of your company, implement an award system as added incentive.

Corporate Team Coaching

provides smart, structured programming for employees looking to compete in a variety of endurance competitions. Our USAT and USATF coaches are here so that your employees can have fun, feel great, and finish strong. Racing success is largely influenced by competition and camaraderie, which employees can be achieved by working together toward a common goal.