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Private Training

Welcome to TriFit's comprehensive Fitness Services. Our diverse range of offerings includes personal training, group classes, and specialized fitness programs tailored to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Whether you're looking to build muscle, lose weight, or improve overall fitness, our expert trainers are here to support you every step of the way. Explore our services and start your fitness journey with us today.

Strength & Conditioning

Our TRIFIT certified personal trainers combine kinesiology and exercise physiology to design customized programs for your health and fitness goals. Whether you aim to build lean muscle, lose weight, improve flexibility and agility, or train for a race, start your fitness journey with a personalized assessment.


Whether you're learning to swim or training for an endurance competition, our expert coaches will help you optimize your water performance. We also offer open-water ocean swim training, including sighting and in-and-outs, for both individuals and groups.


Join TRIFIT for Round Robins every Sunday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and Thursday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Open to all skill levels, whether you're new to the sport or an experienced player looking to connect with others. Enjoy friendly games and improve your skills. Stay tuned for upcoming Squash box leagues and clinics throughout the year.

Assessments & Testing 

Body Composition Assessment

Get precise body composition analysis with our trained specialist and the Seca mBCA. This test measures your fat mass, fat-free mass, body water, and skeletal muscle mass, helping you track progress over time.

Initial Assessment - $50     Add-on with any test - $25

Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment (RMR)

Understand your metabolic profile to manage weight effectively. Our resting metabolic rate assessment tells you how many calories you burn daily.

Initial Assessment - $125     Add-on with any test - $75

VO2 Max Test / Exercise Metabolic Rate (EMR)

EMR and VO2Max testing help you understand your body's metabolic performance during exercise. These tests determine your heart rate zones, calorie burn, and nutrient usage, providing your VO2 Max for endurance. With this data, we create personalized programs to improve your training and performance.

Initial Test - $295

Lactate Threshold Test

During low-intensity exercise, the body handles lactate easily. As intensity increases, lactate production rises, affecting aerobic efficiency. A lactate test measures this production at different intensities, offering tailored training plans based on heart rate, power, and pace. Results help you train precisely, both in the lab and in real-world conditions. Learn more about lactate threshold testing. 

Initial Test - $295

Sports Performance

Run Gait Analysis

Using the technique that has led to success for thousands of runners of all levels as a foundation, our coaches will videotape, analyze, and explain how to improve your biomechanics and efficiency. By emphasizing a series of progressive and specific drills and exercises, we will enhance your overall performance in competition or outdoor exercise while helping to keep you injury free.

Initial Video Assessment - $249

Swim Stroke Analysis

We utilize both underwater and overhead cameras to videotape, analyze, and explain swim stroke biomechanics and efficiency. We will take you through the technical aspects of swimming before guiding you through a series of progressive and specific drills/exercises that will enhance your overall performance, fitness level, and confidence in the water.

Initial Video Assessment - $249

Bike Fit

Small changes can lead to big improvements. The majority of cyclists are not fitted properly, and as a result, overall performance and comfort are sacrificed. A proper bike fit takes into consideration the individual’s riding focus, biomechanics, flexibility, and muscular and skeletal systems. Our F.I.S.T. certified fitter uses a dynamic fit bike and high-definition video capture to optimize your riding position while taking into account your riding focus and biomechanics. This can be done on a current bike, or as a way to ensure that the next bike you buy is right for you. 

Road, Triathlon, or Gravel - $349*

*Includes a complimentary follow-up adjustment within 6 weeks if necessary

Individual Training Plans

Triathlon, Cycling, Running, and Swimming

We offer specifically designed training programs for individuals and groups training for endurnace sport. Each package includes comprehensive weekly training plans with scheduled workouts, personal training zones, and more. The program takes into consideration your ability level, access to training and equipment, schedule, and other preferences and restrictions. This is important because a training program is only useful if it fits within your life. Our coaches offer options for stand-alone programs and training with in person sessions and check-ins so that the program evolves with your fitness. Programs can be delivered as spreadsheets or via TrainingPeaks online.

Nutrition Counseling

Weight Loss & Gain

Lose fat, gain lean muscle tissue, and set a realistic weight goal that is sustainable for life. Our registered dietitian (RD) can help you achieve a healthy weight by setting up realistic meal plans that don’t leave you feeling hungry or deprived. 

Sports Nutrition

Consult with our Registered Dietitian (RD), Jeff Rothschild, to improve your performance, training, and recovery. We offer a variety of performance tests and services that will give you an edge on your competition including: V02 max/exercise metabolic test, lactate threshold test, and resting metabolic test.


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